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It’s A Photo Competition Open to Everyone!

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest photographer, it’s just about sending us the best shot you’ve got of the place where you live or a favourite place you love to visit in Peterborough.

What were we thinking? We were thinking maybe one or two of you would send your photographs in, but no…. we got more than we bargained for! However, this is a GREAT thing as we can see that you really do LOVE the places you live (well the majority of you anyway!! )

All photos, will eventually, get posted here but for now, if you want to keep up with what photos are in the running to be our Facebook Page cover photo – pop over to our social media pages to take a sneak look at them all and you can even ‘heart’ like them to tell us your favourites too:  www.facebook.com/WeLovePeterboroughUK  or Instagram at www.instagram.com/welovepeterborough


Matthew Cross- Gunwade Lake Ferry Meadows

Matthew Cross- Gunwade Lake Ferry Meadows