I decided to do something creative so I signed up for a cakesicle workshop with my mum at Celebrations Peterborough

It’s an independent small business based in New England, at the triangle. The shop is full of everything you need for any type of cake making whether you’re a beginner or a master cake maker.
There were 4 students in total (small socially distanced classes) Soundari, Claire, Marion and myself. We all met ready for two o’clock armed with our masks and aprons and were shown upstairs to the classroom.
The lovely Anne Robinson is the shop owner and experienced cake decorator who was going to share her expertise with us for the afternoon. The room was aired after the previous class and all our tools were placed out ready for us.
Excitement grew looking at two containers of colourful balls, beads, and sugar strands. I’m an absolute beginner, never done any cake decoration of any kind. So time to jump in.
We started off with our lolly moulds and spooned in melted white chocolate for two lollies along with a blue coloured base for our mermaid and a pink base for our flamingo. ‘Make sure it goes up the sides’ so rolling it round is a good way. but the additional swish of the paintbrush also helps. Anne’s assistant Naseem takes them all off to the fridge to set and we start creating a unicorn horn and ears from coloured fondant. 🦄
Lollies back and it’s time to fill them with different cake crumble mixed with butter creams… yum. A final layer of chocolate and back to the fridge they go whilst we dive into creating unicorn hair!
Between balling, rolling, sausaging, pulling and twisting I have my little collection of fondant pieces at the ready. The lollies are out so here goes…
Anne guides us on each part, showing us step by step by doing her own first. We all then attempt to copy, as best we can, with a few of our own interpretations too. Melted chocolate helps to stick items to the lolly and you layer up bit by bit, from a fishy tale to the unicorn eyes it’s all finicky and delicate… could do with some smaller fingers but it’s all good fun. The easiest is dropping the decorated balls on but the hardest must be not licking your fingers… made easier today with a mask! Lol. 👩‍🍳
They affix and dry quickly, so by the time our two hours was up we all had four supreme looking lollies! Cleared away they were put in a box ready to take home. So pleased to have accomplished it with some great looking goodies. I think I did rather well in fact.
The only question is.. which one do I eat first? 😳
Celebrations Peterborough
The workshop was 2 hours
Price £45
Fee included all the ingredients to come away with 4 cakesicles.