Sacrewell Farm

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Project Description

More than just a visitor centre

Sacrewell Farm really is the place if your kids love animals. They’ll be totally surrounded by farm animals: sheep, donkeys, goats, pigs, chickens peacocks and many more including rabbits, Guinea pigs, chickens, ferrets, mice, rats, degus and quails in their animal discovery centre. Sacrewell is not just about animals as it has an 18th Century watermill which has been fully restored, thanks to a £1.4 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and additional funding from the William Scott Abbott Trust, where you can explore all 4 floors at your leisure. You’ll also find workshops including woodwork, old farm equipment and of course the surrounding natural wildlife and plants. It’s more than just a visitor centre.

Sacrewll is a charity, and therefore they are always happy to receive support. You can help  by becoming a member or volunteering on the farm. Contact them directly for more details.