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Things to do in Peterborough: Nene Park Ferry Meadows - We Love Peterborough

Get In Touch With Your Arty Side: Peterborough Sculpture Park

You’ll find the Peterborough Sculpture Park within Nene Park’s Thorpe Meadows running alongside the River Nene. Just a few minutes out of the city centre and you’ll find some amazing pieces situated around the Rowing Lake to meander around and ponder on their creation and meanings.

There are 15 pieces in total to find 13 situated on the left hand side of the lake and 2 of the larger ones, near Longthorpe Parkway on the right hand side. The whole area is a great place to walk, jog or cycle or as a starting point continuing through Orton Mere and onto Ferry Meadows:

  1. Outside In – John Foster
  2. People – Tolleck Winner
  3. Endless Omen – Emmanuel Jegede
  4. Cormorant – Elizabeth Cooke
  5. Creature – Anne Nicholson
  6. Festival Boat – Sokari Douglas Camp
  7. Odd Oaks – Nicholas Pope
  8. Under the Ocean, Under the Sea – Christine Angus
  9. Untitled (1990) – Miles Davies
  10. Heliox XVI – Barry Mason
  11. Little Prince – Jane Ackroyd
  12. Quarry – Simon Perry
  13. Regeneration – Richard Gibson
  14. Peterborough Arch – Lee Grandjean
  15. Untitled (1989) – Miles Davies