Longthorpe Tower

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Project Description

Dating back to the 14th Century

Longthorpe Tower is a 14th-century three-storey tower in the village of Longthorpe, famous for its well-preserved set of medieval murals. It was built in about 1290 -1300AD by the Thorpe family, and is a rare survival of a medieval ‘solar tower’. The site is internationally important, primarily as the first-floor room of the Tower is decorated with one of the most complete and interesting examples of medieval domestic wall paining in northern Europe. Painted between 1320 and 1340AD in the typical fashion of the time, the depictions of religious, secular and mythical subjects offer a fascinating insight into the medieval mind and daily life. Added to an earlier medieval manor house, the Tower was given to the nation in 1948 and has been cared for by English Heritage since 1984.

It is managed by Vivacity on behalf of English Heritage.