Escape Peterborough

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Project Description

Do you have the skills to get out?

No, not literally, but that’s the idea of the game – to escape wherever you are put. Escape Peterborough have lots of rooms to choose from including a new setup at Peterborough Museum – one of the scariest locations in Peterborough.

Designed for groups of 2-6 people it’s an hour of fun and mayhem as you hunt for clues to get you out. You are locked into your chosen escape room and have 60 minutes to get out and celebrate your freedom. From magical myths, clueless capers, burgling banks and more there really is a theme for you. You’ll need to solve many puzzles, riddles, brain teasers and identify clues around the room and its objects. You will need to work together on some of them so it’s great for team building.