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Get Vodafone Gigafast Broadband to your home - We Love Peterborough

Get Lightening Fast Broadband – Both Ways!

Vodafone Gigafast Broadband is coming to your area!

Connect at the speed of light with Vodafone Gigafast Broadband, the fastest in Peterborough offering with a range of average speeds from 100Mbps to 900Mbps.* Multi-Device Streaming – stream their favourite shows and movies simultaneously
* Gaming – Download a 100GB game in the time it takes to have a cup of tea
* Cloud-Based Services – Upload 32GB worth of photos and videos in just five minutes
* Parental Controls – Keep your kids safe online with blocks & filters
* Our best router ever with reliable Wi-Fi
* 6 months F-secure – Keep your devices safe from viruses and malware
* Our expert engineers take care of the hard work

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Home Energy Reward

Change to Bulb Energy today and SAVE

Bulb is proud to be the UK’s biggest green supplier.

Bulb say “We provide our members with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. Plus, our gas is 100% carbon neutral. 10% is green gas produced from renewable sources like food or farm waste, and we offset the rest of the gas we supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world. We buy our energy from independent renewable generators from across the UK, like Gail and Miles from Old Walls Hydro in Dartmoor.”

“Which do you choose: energy that harms the planet or energy that doesn’t? Exactly! 100% of Bulb’s electricity is renewable and our gas is 100% carbon neutral.

Every year, the average Bulb member saves 3.5 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That’s like planting 1,770 trees!!! You could be one of these people above, by joining me, Susan, in the ever-growing Bulb Community:
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Travelling Away From Peterborough

Earn yourself £15 when you book - We Love Peterborough

A Mission To Experience The World

That’s what Booking.com’s mission was for us.. they wanted us to experience the world and…. we have!

We don’t really need to tell you about them as everyone knows who Booking.com is!
They connect travellers with the world’s largest selection of incredible places to stay, including everything from apartments, holiday homes, and family-run B&Bs to 5-star luxury resorts, tree houses and even igloos. The Booking.com website offers 29,072,731 total reported listings, and cover 153,555 destinations in 227 countries and territories worldwide. Phew! So why not grab yourself and little treat if you’ve never booked with them before.

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Take a Trip

Travel/Activities Magazine

Subscribe to Group Travel World today

Do you go on day trips, excursions or simply go out as a large family or group of friends?

Group Travel World was once a ‘groups only’ magazine but is now coming to a newsagent near you… Why? Because it’s packed full of Ideas, tips and inspiration from the group travel world’s biggest and best-known companies and trade bodies. This means that you’ll be in the know for what’s coming up for days out and trips for you and your family members.

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Peterborough Discounts

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Bee-Appreciative in Peterborough!

Join ‘Appreciate Peterborough’ and you will be saving ££££s throughout the year with your membership card when shopping around and using services in Peterborough. Whether it’s food & drink, clothes, something for the home or the car, tanning, hairdos, an escape room experience or even chocolate cake you’re after…. you’ll find them all discounted here or with special offers here.

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