History On My Doorstep

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You may think that Peterborough doesn’t really have anyone or anything famous about it, after all, it’s not very often heard about, apart from that wonderful advert years ago with Roy Kinnear (as a Roman Centurion) as Peterborough was becoming a new town in the 1980s, but you’d be mistaken. We have a full lineage of famous places and people that maybe you didn’t know were connected with our wonderful city. I’ll tell you about a few I have connections with... One of the more recent was English entrepreneur, restaurateur, art collector, politician and philanthropist; Peter Boizot M.B.E. He

12 Years of Green Flag Awards

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A place very close to my heart is Central Park. I grew up just two streets away and played for hours and hours on end as a child back in the 70s & 80s. When you visit memories flood back, however much has changed and much hasn’t. The rocking horse, the witches hat and the roundabouts where you held on for dear life as a mate pushed or pulled it to its limits along with a huge slide of which, yes I stood on the top (please don’t tell my mum!) are now long gone. They have been replaced

A Piece of Art

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Wood, metal, concrete, grass and water... it’s all a piece of art. I’ve not been here since last summer and thought I’d take a walk this weekend after we’d been put into our second lockdown. So a nice place to meander around Peterborough Sculpture Park did the trick of clearing my mind in the sunshine. Located at Thorpe Meadows the Sculpture Park sits behind the Dragonfly Hotel and The Boat House – two places for a nice cup of coffee (when they are open). The starting point is over on the left hand side of the Rowing Lake, before

Run, Jump, Skip, Ride, Sail, Climb, Play, Sit…

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I think there’s no better place to start you all off in Peterborough, but with a visit to one of the most used and most popular places in Peterborough which is Nene Park and especially the part we all love, Ferry Meadows. It’s our very own piece of the country - in the city. Situated just 3 miles out of the centre and next to the Ortons, it’s a massive land area which was created back in 1978 and has never stopped being a go-to place for walking, cycling, bird watching, duck feeding, nature watching, fishing, playing and open

What Does Peterborough Offer?

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What does Peterborough have to offer? Not much except a Cathedral? Well actually, it does! We Love Peterborough is all about raising awareness of what's on, what's new and sharing the good things about our city. We started out way back in April 2014 with 1 follower (me) and a bunch of photographs. Nearly 7 years on and we have a following of over 17,000 people. We believe that all you have to do is open your eyes and see what's right in front of you. We are all guilty of getting used to our surroundings no matter where

Praetorium on our Doorstep!

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Where do you go when it's raining, stay in? No, grab your umbrella and just go for a walk somewhere rather than diving into a shopping mall. With friends here with us on Sunday from Italy, we couldn't just 'sit' we had to do something. On walking along the River Nene after the Great Eastern Run had just been cancelled we stopped to look at the panel of interest there, next to the Customs House. It noted places of which we picked one, got in the car and ventured off to Castor! Castor is a quaint little village on

To Hell & Back at Burghley

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With some friends over from Italy who had already seen our lovely Cathedral it was a no-brainer to take them out to the countryside and visit Burghley House near Stamford! We arrived ready for entry at 11am on Saturday by car, we could have travelled by train from Peterborough to Stamford but the issue then is getting out to the houses' entrance which is a fair way from the station... so car it was. I'd purchased entry online first as it was slightly cheaper than on the door (so I'd recommend this to you too) and you get a

What a Haven!

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Stepping into Railworld Wildlife Haven is like stepping into a different dimension, it is so majestic, peaceful and calming. From where I live it is just a five-minute walk to Railworld Wildlife Haven and I couldn’t wait as for me it would be like walking down memory lane from when I used to visit with my Dad when I was younger. At the entrance I met Will, who said he has been volunteering since 2012, as well as Bill and Becky. They were all very enthusiastic about Railworld Wildlife Haven and told me a bit about the Haven. For me the

Back to the 12th Century

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Day 27 of our 30 Days in May Challenge: Stepping back into the 12th Century I'm having a visit this lovely Bank holiday Monday to the iconic Elton Hall & Gardens. I wanted to see what the house was like as way back in the early 1900's my Great GrandMother Martha Ellis used to work there for the Lady Proby at that time. So, today, I'm walking back in some of her footsteps. The house is nestled in the lovely countryside just over the A1 in the lovely village of Elton. It stands proud in unspoilt landscaped parkland where

City Trails

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Day 20 of our 30 Days in May Challenge: City Trails It's day 20 and I was up early this morning to have a go at a fun Murder Mystery Treasure Trail game around Peterborough (there's 2 so keep reading). Booklet in hand (you can buy hard copy or digital copy) I had to follow clues and mark off weapons and people from the suspect gallery and weapons found at the scene of the crime. It's a fun way to explore just part of our city centre... it took me 1/2 hour as 1) I wasn't walking slowly with

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