English Wine? Oh la la!

2023-10-19T17:05:46+01:00October 19th, 2023|Great Food, New Restaurants, Uniqueness, Walks|

Isn’t it great when something pops up on social and it interests you to do more…? I saw a post about wine growing in the UK which wasn’t far from Peterborough, so it sparked my curiosity further. So, last week we went along to the The Rutland Vineyard to see for myself. It’s located in the beautiful backroads of Ketton just up the A1 not far from Stamford. It started off a lovely sunny day as I entered into their small cafe. Well decorated and set out with tables, chairs and tall bench seats. The menu is small; concentrating

In The Precincts

2022-08-16T10:43:18+01:00August 5th, 2022|General, Summer, Walks|

Yesterday I was invited for a free attendance on a tour that Peterborough Cathedral has restarted - Walking through history in the Cathedral Precincts A building made up of many year's of works from Romanesque to our famous Gothic front to the Cathedral. Our group was entertained by Kate, our guide, for around an hour and a half. It started in the Cathedral Cloisters to the side of the Cathedral. Even though you possibly walk through the cloisters, like me, you don't actually appreciate what it used as to be like. Apart from the outer walls, all have been

Platinum Jubilee Scarecrow Trail

2022-06-04T12:55:25+01:00June 3rd, 2022|Days Out, Fun-for-all, General, Great For Kids, Uniqueness, Walks|

Friday I thought I'd get myself to Werrington Green to this amazing little activity… Werrington Show’s Scarecrow trail is under way and I took a drive down to see what it is all about. On this lovely sunny day, you can park your car up, like me, and do the trail by foot or do the longer second trail by car or on your bike. You just need to sign up for £1 and you’ll get a lovely trail map filled with information and a Q&A sheet. You basically need to follow the map and find each scarecrow and

Spring is Sprung

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So Sunday was a different day as we'd just heard about a little area in Longthorpe which has recently been transformed and couldn't resist going to take a look at what all the fuss was about...down at Holywell Ponds. It wasn't too difficult to find as it sits near Thorpe Hall's vast estate of land. There are a few footpaths to this small area by foot but we got to it through Longthorpe. We found the signpost and walked along a woodchip pathway - great as it had been raining the night before and didn't want to get too

Flag Fen Ancient Lights

2022-01-20T11:44:02+00:00December 10th, 2021|Christmas, Great For Kids, News, Walks, What's On|

Are you ready for tonight’s Christmas lights? I’ve just been to Flag Fens first Christmas lights trial. Called the Ancient Lights Illumination Trail, it runs through the prehistoric parkland. It started tonight and the display will run through to Thursday 16th December. You will get to see a range of different coloured lights illuminating the surrounding trees and foliage and of course the bronze age roundhouse will be decorated with lights and a fairy light roof. On your way round there are small bonfires like the one at the start in the centre of the Yule Tree Dell. On

Christmas Around The City

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Are you feeling Christmassy yet??? We love Christmas and just couldn’t resist sharing some of the fantastic Christmas-lit houses in Peterborough. From the Fletton to Sugar Way, from Orton to Stanground, Werrington and Longthorpe, we've gone all around to find the best ones to show you... Photos & Videos from The Chocolate Box on Fletton Avenue. Christmas light decorations are from Oakdale Avenue in Stanground - There are lots of lovely lights set up on the houses including a few gorgeous displays. Wow the whole street at Everingham, Orton Brimbles has made a huge effort to decorate their houses

A ‘Hidden Gem’ right under your nose!

2021-06-17T13:27:48+01:00June 17th, 2021|Days Out, Fun-for-all, General, Great For Kids, Must Do-Visit-See, SPARK Magazine, Summer, Uniqueness, Walks|

Not many people know of, or have even heard of this place, most will simply brush it off as a hobbyist place to visit, but trust me it’s not that at all. Take a relaxing walk over Town Bridge coming out of the city centre and then either walk down along the River Nene pathway or go through the arches from Fair Meadow car park (where the fair usually sits when it comes) to NVR Peterborough station and you will find Railword Wildlife Haven. With just a £4 entry for adults and £3 for concessions and children, you can

Oranges & Lemons say the Bells of St Clements…

2021-05-01T23:51:33+01:00May 1st, 2021|General, SPARK Magazine, Uniqueness, Walks|

I’m sure you don’t know, as I didn’t know until a few years ago in 2017, that Peterborough had a 18th Century Bell Foundry along the River Nene? I only found out after they placed a wonderful monumental bell outside the Magistrates court on Bridge Street where Henry Penn's foundry would have been! The first remembrance is a bell, three strickles and a limestone mould that sits centre stage of the walkway. Not just some boring bell, but a beautiful piece of artwork which has been deeply thought about in its creation and a clever way of showing us

History On My Doorstep

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You may think that Peterborough doesn’t really have anyone or anything famous about it, after all, it’s not very often heard about, apart from that wonderful advert years ago with Roy Kinnear (as a Roman Centurion) as Peterborough was becoming a new town in the 1980s, but you’d be mistaken. We have a full lineage of famous places and people that maybe you didn’t know were connected with our wonderful city. I’ll tell you about a few I have connections with... One of the more recent was English entrepreneur, restaurateur, art collector, politician and philanthropist; Peter Boizot M.B.E. He

12 Years of Green Flag Awards

2021-03-30T14:46:48+01:00January 1st, 2021|Days Out, Fun-for-all, Great For Kids, SPARK Magazine, Summer, Walks|

A place very close to my heart is Central Park. I grew up just two streets away and played for hours and hours on end as a child back in the 70s & 80s. When you visit memories flood back, however much has changed and much hasn’t. The rocking horse, the witches hat and the roundabouts where you held on for dear life as a mate pushed or pulled it to its limits along with a huge slide of which, yes I stood on the top (please don’t tell my mum!) are now long gone. They have been replaced


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