Star Wars Has Arrived

2023-07-18T23:33:10+01:00July 18th, 2023|Days Out, Shows, Uniqueness|

Unofficial Galaxies is one of the most exciting exhibits to see this year in Peterborough, especially if you are already a fan of Star Wars. You’ll be impressed by this 120+ piece collection which includes a full-size Landspeeder on show which was purchased from London’s Elstree Studios - the home of the original trilogy going back to 1977, and one of the most valuable props is the desk and chair of young Anakin Skywalker from the 1999 film The Phantom Menace. Also on display are an array of original production items including light sabres from Luke and Darth Vader,

Going to Hell & Back at the Lido

2023-07-17T14:10:23+01:00July 15th, 2023|Shows, Uniqueness|

Friends of Peterborough Lido volunteers helped set up this unique performance of the Summer Outdoor Theatre from Mask Theatre - Faustus. They will be ensuring you have a good experience and adhering to safety regs by making sure you’re not going near the pools which are cordoned off. Clare, Marion & Shan were checking tickets on the door and offering a copy of the program. (It’s just £1), David & Sue were showing everyone to the places on the lawn for setting up a blanket or camping chair. Me? I was doing a bit of program selling and making

Murder at the theatre!

2022-10-22T14:28:03+01:00October 21st, 2022|Events, Fun-for-all, Must Do-Visit-See, Shows, Uniqueness|

Murder in The Theatre! Had a great night last night trying to solve a murder which happened in front of our eyes at The Chalkboard on the Embankment. Doors opened at 6:30pm so started with a Prosecco cocktail, then shortly after our pre-ordered meal of burgers arrived. I had a vegan option and others had the meat burger which came on a slate with skinny fries, some slaw and some relish. The show, created by RAW Theatre Productions, started with the arrival of a film critic chatting with us. After eating, the show starts with our ‘actor’ actors arriving

ROAR!!!!!! T-Rex is Here

2022-07-18T14:41:06+01:00July 18th, 2022|Events, General, Must Do-Visit-See, Shows, Uniqueness|

This morning I’ve had a preview to the T-Rex exhibition inside Peterborough Cathedral and some of these dinosaurs on display are enormous!!! T-Rex: the killer question. This is a touring exhibition with animatronic dinosaurs from the Natural History Museum, London which includes a three-quarter size T.rex. It also includes a 12-metre-long static model of a T. rex and a life-size T. rex skeleton, which will be facing each other across the Cathedral transepts. This entertaining and engaging exhibition for the entire family enables visitors to look closer at T.rex – its size, the power in its legs, the length


2022-07-10T15:00:45+01:00July 10th, 2022|Shows, Uniqueness, What's On|

I’ve just had a sneak preview to the Extinction Exhibition at the museum. However, I'm not going to spoil it for you... This FREE exhibition covers the demise of the dinosaurs and marine reptiles, death of the ice age mammoths and the impact of humans on the dodo. Opened by Issy tonight, you’ll see that climate change, asteroids and human action have all been recognised as contributing to past and current extinctions. An awesome thing to see on display is an almost complete plesiosaur excavated from local Must Farm brick pit, discovered in 2016, on display for the first

Simply Red….

2022-06-13T09:54:10+01:00June 11th, 2022|Events, News, Shows, Summer, Uniqueness|

So this weekend was special in Peterborough as BIG names appeared in a concert on the Embankment organised by LPH Concerts and Events. Friday night has the vibes of your summer holiday floating around the surrounding area as Cafe Mambo Ibiza played those beats out ready for dancing, laughing and having fun together. It was a good turnout with young and old there reminiscing of being near some sandy beach or just boogying the night away till the early hours. Judge Jules was one of the big names to hit the decks as well as some other like Todd

Peterborough Celebrates

2022-05-15T09:57:06+01:00May 15th, 2022|Events, Fun-for-all, General, Great Food, Great For Kids, Shows, Summer, Uniqueness|

Peterborough Celebrates Festival featured an exciting, eclectic and diverse range of entertainment, activities and attractions. From grassroots to the main stage, from food and drink, to music, performances, theatre, crafts, culture, and sports, there will be so much to explore for all the family. Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May 2022. I was there in the morning on Saturday doing some exploring of what was available for everyone. Very well organised with FREE parking in other allotted areas like Lynch Wood and Nene Valley Railway donating FREE train rides to and from Overton station to reduce the

Clever – Ingenious – Full of Humour

2020-12-16T20:03:24+00:00December 15th, 2020|Christmas, Events, Fun-for-all, Shows, Uniqueness|

Laugh? it’s a continuous roll! :-) Tonight was opening night for Lamphouse Theatre’s edition of their ‘A Christmas Carol ‘ and what a night it was....! A ‘Clever - Ingenious - Full of Humour’ rollercoaster ride of entertainment. Take my hat off to Tom Fox, the one-man Scrooge, Cratchit family, Marley, Ghosts, bystanders and all. It’s a mad-cap caper of a live stage show that’s worth the tenner to go, have a laugh (what we probably need) and keep a small theatre company going, in the process. From flying ghosts and hidden rooms to clever acting - it’s a nonstop

A crash of drums, a flash of light…

2020-01-07T22:50:26+00:00January 7th, 2020|General, Must Do-Visit-See, Shows|

A crash of drums, a flash of light, his golden coat flew out of sight.....from 1920's flappers to Paris in the moonlight, from camels in Israel to Elvis in Egypt... it's a non-stop colour blasting, costume changing, musical that ignites you from start to finish!   Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat opened tonight at New Theatre Peterborough and is here until Saturday 11th. It was a FULL HOUSE and I mean FULL HOUSE with people queueing outside to buy tickets tonight at 7.30pm as the show was still due to start. 800+ seats taken up.   If, like

It Makes Me Want to Shout!

2022-07-18T13:48:24+01:00October 10th, 2019|Adults Only, Events, Shows, Uniqueness|

Shout all about it! Did you go to the Lulu concert at the New Theatre? It wasn't a full house but there were certainly a lot of people there. I went as I thought it would be a good pressie for my mum as Lulu was more her era than mine. And I say that because even though Lulu has lasted through the years, she's not really someone who has been in the headline of music, in the charts much or grabbed our attention. I also can't say that 'we' all know her because most of the younger than


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