History On My Doorstep

2021-01-28T11:47:11+00:00February 1st, 2021|General, Uniqueness, Walks|

You may think that Peterborough doesn’t really have anyone or anything famous about it, after all, it’s not very often heard about, apart from that wonderful advert years ago with Roy Kinnear (as a Roman Centurion) as Peterborough was becoming a new town in the 1980s, but you’d be mistaken. We have a full lineage of famous places and people that maybe you didn’t know were connected with our wonderful city. I’ll tell you about a few I have connections with... One of the more recent was English entrepreneur, restaurateur, art collector, politician and philanthropist; Peter Boizot M.B.E. He

Nothing Beats Chocolate

2020-11-04T16:53:04+00:00November 4th, 2020|Chocolate Heaven, Christmas, General, News, Shopping|

Looking for a few early Christmas presents I went up to the newly-opened (well 10 weeks ago) Stamford Heavenly Chocolates new shop at Sacrewell Farm. Tucked away in the corner of Sacrewell Farm's new Courtyard area, it looks a very nice improvement on their Stamford location. The waft of sweetness hits you as you walk in the shop and you're greeted with an array of chocolate items everywhere along with a bit of sparkle, a Christmas tree, a reindeer and of course a Santa Claus! Ho, Ho, Ho. They've now got lots of space which includes a huge area

Run, Jump, Skip, Ride, Sail, Climb, Play, Sit…

2021-01-28T11:10:53+00:00November 1st, 2020|Days Out, Fun-for-all, General, Great For Kids, Summer, Walks|

I think there’s no better place to start you all off in Peterborough, but with a visit to one of the most used and most popular places in Peterborough which is Nene Park and especially the part we all love, Ferry Meadows. It’s our very own piece of the country - in the city. Situated just 3 miles out of the centre and next to the Ortons, it’s a massive land area which was created back in 1978 and has never stopped being a go-to place for walking, cycling, bird watching, duck feeding, nature watching, fishing, playing and open

Just Messing About on the River

2020-10-25T13:35:10+00:00October 23rd, 2020|Days Out, Fun-for-all, General, Great For Kids, News, Summer|

What a glorious afternoon of sunshine to have had the wonderful opportunity of trying out the new electrically- powered ‘Wyndham’ boat trip at Nene Park Ferry Meadows, getting for its launch next week. ‘Captain James’ was at the helm of this lovely little boat on Overton Lake with Oliver telling us all about the details and future plans. You can have a ride on the lake next week and then it will be put away to reopen at Easter 2021. The trip starts off at the jetty opposite the visitor centre where you will be able to sanitise your

What Does Peterborough Offer?

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What does Peterborough have to offer? Not much except a Cathedral? Well actually, it does! We Love Peterborough is all about raising awareness of what's on, what's new and sharing the good things about our city. We started out way back in April 2014 with 1 follower (me) and a bunch of photographs. Nearly 7 years on and we have a following of over 17,000 people. We believe that all you have to do is open your eyes and see what's right in front of you. We are all guilty of getting used to our surroundings no matter where

Scoot Over! Coyotes are in Town

2020-09-25T16:06:14+01:00September 25th, 2020|Adults Only, Events, General, New Restaurants, News, Uniqueness|

What a treat today as finally I get a FIRST LOOK at the finished Coyotes Bar & Grill in town located behind the market and I have to say it’s looking gooood. . I spoke with John, a born and bred Peterboroughian, about what him and his partner Neil have planned for you all and it sounds great.   One of the first thing's you'll notice when you go in is Old Humphrey Bogart sitting proudly on the wall watching over the coffee machines and greets you when you come in, but look up and you've got a sky

Stop the Train!!!

2020-09-22T18:57:43+01:00September 22nd, 2020|Escapologists!, Fun-for-all, General, News, Uniqueness|

We've not been out for a long time to do an Escape room, however, this brand new one was too much of an enticement for us. Hourglass Escape Room has only just opened at the Focus Centre on Chesnut Avenue in Dogsthorpe. It has been created and is run by two long-term escape room enthusiasts Della-Marie and James - who by the way, built this room single-handed. Their room is called Unstoppable: Your train from Kings Cross is in trouble and you’re the only people who can stop it before disaster hits at Peterborough! They've already had a bunch

All Mashed Up

2020-08-31T14:12:49+01:00August 30th, 2020|General, Great Food, News|

After being recommended by my neice for food and trying them about a month ago for myself, I eventually got the chance to meet the people behind Mashed Up. Friday we were invited to meet Chris & Matthew to take a look and taste a few bits. They both started up their street food business form their brightly coloured food trailer in 2019 aimed at covering events and food festivals. It was all working very well and in January moved into some shared premises at Fengate with more space and scope for BBQ and comfort food at home and

Just Grazing…

2020-08-27T14:38:33+01:00August 27th, 2020|General, Great Food, Great For Kids, New Restaurants, News, Uniqueness|

There's a little hidden gem that you need to know about situated at Orton Southgate which will fill your belly with goodies galore whether eating in or delivered to home. Dorinda started her Gaze & Graze business back in February working from home with her little one Noah. She offered takeaway boxes of food that you can basically pick on all day long. Lockdown came and instead of her businesses taking a step back it took a step up. Deliveries to homes were flying out her door. Dorinda moved to out-of-home premises to keep up with demand and now

Inari – Fox Goddess

2020-08-20T17:04:03+01:00August 20th, 2020|General, Great Food, New Restaurants, Uniqueness|

Superb!! Today we decided to eat out at Inari on Broadway, Peterborough and wow what an experience! Both 'sushi virgins' we were a little worried about eating things that we didn't like; but left up to the Bar Manager Eduardo's recommendations and Chef Regimantas we were pleasantly surprised and came away full and wanting to return soon. Inari Sushi and Grill opened back in February and then, unfortunately, we then went into lockdown had to close to diners. However, they kept going with a takeaway option and are now open again for dining inside. Chef Regimantas has been in

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