Community Workshop Skills & Creativeness

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Have you heard of the CP Learning Trust and their 'Building Better Opportunities – eMploY-ABILITY' project? I came across their February workshops as they posted them out to me to add as events and decided to have a little nosey at what there were doing in the way of helping the community in Peterborough.    This particular project is aimed at engaging participants, upskilling and supporting them towards employment and is delivered throughout Peterborough, Fenland and West Norfolk. The events are provided by means of funding by the European Social Fund and Community Fund of the National Lottery.  

12 Years of Green Flag Awards

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A place very close to my heart is Central Park. I grew up just two streets away and played for hours and hours on end as a child back in the 70s & 80s. When you visit memories flood back, however much has changed and much hasn’t. The rocking horse, the witches hat and the roundabouts where you held on for dear life as a mate pushed or pulled it to its limits along with a huge slide of which, yes I stood on the top (please don’t tell my mum!) are now long gone. They have been replaced

It’s Time for Panto!

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Christmas is definitely on its way when the Panto starts and tonight I'm visiting for the first run at The Cresset at Bretton. My first comment is that everything is highly organised. On arrival via the main doors you are reminded to put your mask on, then I used the allocated hand sanitiser station and over to get my temperature checked. (Phew! I got a green light). Into the foyer to get my tickets checked and as I hadn't pre-ordered a drink I went over to the allocated and cordoned off queue area to order what I wanted at

Clever – Ingenious – Full of Humour

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Laugh? it’s a continuous roll! :-) Tonight was opening night for Lamphouse Theatre’s edition of their ‘A Christmas Carol ‘ and what a night it was....! A ‘Clever - Ingenious - Full of Humour’ rollercoaster ride of entertainment. Take my hat off to Tom Fox, the one-man Scrooge, Cratchit family, Marley, Ghosts, bystanders and all. It’s a mad-cap caper of a live stage show that’s worth the tenner to go, have a laugh (what we probably need) and keep a small theatre company going, in the process. From flying ghosts and hidden rooms to clever acting - it’s a nonstop

Run, Jump, Skip, Ride, Sail, Climb, Play, Sit…

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I think there’s no better place to start you all off in Peterborough, but with a visit to one of the most used and most popular places in Peterborough which is Nene Park and especially the part we all love, Ferry Meadows. It’s our very own piece of the country - in the city. Situated just 3 miles out of the centre and next to the Ortons, it’s a massive land area which was created back in 1978 and has never stopped being a go-to place for walking, cycling, bird watching, duck feeding, nature watching, fishing, playing and open

Just Messing About on the River

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What a glorious afternoon of sunshine to have had the wonderful opportunity of trying out the new electrically- powered ‘Wyndham’ boat trip at Nene Park Ferry Meadows, getting for its launch next week. ‘Captain James’ was at the helm of this lovely little boat on Overton Lake with Oliver telling us all about the details and future plans. You can have a ride on the lake next week and then it will be put away to reopen at Easter 2021. The trip starts off at the jetty opposite the visitor centre where you will be able to sanitise your

What Does Peterborough Offer?

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What does Peterborough have to offer? Not much except a Cathedral? Well actually, it does! We Love Peterborough is all about raising awareness of what's on, what's new and sharing the good things about our city. We started out way back in April 2014 with 1 follower (me) and a bunch of photographs. Nearly 7 years on and we have a following of over 17,000 people. We believe that all you have to do is open your eyes and see what's right in front of you. We are all guilty of getting used to our surroundings no matter where

Stop the Train!!!

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We've not been out for a long time to do an Escape room, however, this brand new one was too much of an enticement for us. Hourglass Escape Room has only just opened at the Focus Centre on Chesnut Avenue in Dogsthorpe. It has been created and is run by two long-term escape room enthusiasts Della-Marie and James - who by the way, built this room single-handed. Their room is called Unstoppable: Your train from Kings Cross is in trouble and you’re the only people who can stop it before disaster hits at Peterborough! They've already had a bunch

Lose Your Kids in Lost World

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**** FIRST PLAY ***** Wow you have to bring the kids here for a play at Serpentine Green to Vivacity’s LOST WORLD. You can jump, slide, climb, whack, run, dive and scream as much as you want in here... children only please 🤪 The climbing digital wall where you can play whack the bat like Marisa’s daughter Connie from Hampton Lakes school. The school entered a drawing competition and won the chance to come to the launch event well done class. Sessions can be booked through the Vivacity website or on arrival. -Soft play £6 peak / £4 off peak

The Great Peterborough Pottery Throwdown

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What a creatively therapeutic morning! I spied this special offer over on Instagram a month back and thought what a great present for me and my husband to do together and how right I was! This morning we travelled over to Kings Cliff to the pottery studio of Potterydayz and were greeted by Richard, our master potter, another couple; Juliet and Dion.. and not forgetting the resident cat and a cup of coffee. Richard’s expertise is amazingly quick, not like us beginners, at the three basics on centralising, opening and lifting. He gives you slow instructions with his demonstrations to get

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