Off to Never Never Land!

Off to NeverLand we go...well actually it's the Key Theatre on the embankment, but it doesn't matter as it's Christmas which means it's time for the annual pantomime. Love them or hate them... the jokes are cringy, the costumes colourful, there's satin and glitter and padding everywhere and basically the show is a blast and you can't not join in. The deputy Mayor John Fox was there tonight along with some other VIPs to see

It’s a load of ‘baubles’!!!!

Charity Target Number of Baubles Our Reach So Far We Love Peterborough gets involved in raising money for local charities! We saw the enticing notice from Nene Park's Ferry Meadows with regards to Christmas Tree Festival and how could I not sponsor one on their behalf for such a great area of Peterborough which is utilised by so many... there's less action going on during the winter months but the idea of our

Cathedral Christmas Market

Following the success of last year’s event, the Cathedral is once again hosting a Christmas market in the Nave, featuring all manner of present ideas. There are also refreshments stall in the South Transept, you can get a mulled wine or soft drink for your entry. It looks wonderful at this evening’s preview with the Christmas lights overhead. There’s a host of stalls from jewellery to ceramics and cakes to cards, artwork, fudge, liqueurs and

Sparks a hit at PE1 Retail Park

Are you and the kids coming to join in the fun at Peterborough One Retail Park? There are WORKSHOPS going on every hour today, Saturday 24th November, with a price of just £2 you and your children can come along and create a crown and a tambourine, there’s lots of glitter, sparkle, reindeer, gold, silver, snowballs and much more all over the place and mum and dad have been getting involved too. Once created you'll

Queensgate Festival Fiesta

It's all go this weekend as the final Christmas Lights Switch on commences this morning at Peterborough Queensgate. It's set to be an extravaganzer of shows for you the public. I've already taken a sneak inside the grotto to see what's in store and it's a delight of toys for the boys and girls who visit.. Santa's not there yet, but will be later today. So it all starts off with a parade of toys..

Peterborough Lights Switch On 2018

Walking in to town at 4 o'clock ready for the start of Peterborough Christmas Lights switch on, really did feel a bit early and a bit different this year as it's a Friday... anyway. Town's already full of seller's with their LED light display toys of Catherine wheels, sabres and this year some LED unicorn & circular balloons, (I'm sure my name is on one of these later on LOL). Well there's plenty to walk

Diwali Festival 2018

Diwali festival today in Cathedral Square starts at 11am with the procession and the inauguration for 2018 celebrations. Peterborough has celebrated Diwali in Cathedral Square over many years now and the event is an amazing burst of colourful dance performances, music and traditional food for everyone to enjoy. In addition to Diwali, to mark 'Peterborough Celebrates', the Diwali Festival committee will be looking to switch on 900 individual bulbs to create a sea of light

Peterborough does Poppies Proud!

Today I purposefully went in to the centre of town for 10.40 in order to see the 2018 Poppy Appeal Launch. Royal British Legion veterans and flag bearers were leading the parade from outside the Town Hall facing the cenotaph with Peterborough Mayor and Mayoress and other dignitaries from across the country following behind. The Parade continued up Bridge Street to Long Causeway and into the entrance of Queensgate. The flag bearers then went up

House of Feasts

Food for thought and clean plates all round! Let’s introduce you to House of Feasts, Eye Green, Peterborough. Speaking with Damian Wawrzyniak & Claudia... they have been running this restaurant for the last 18 months together and what a lovely place it is... if you haven’t been in yet to try it, then I suggest that you do! Damian is featured in the Michelin Guide... He believes that eating is based on a simple love for

When Polly Met Fergie…

When We Love Peterborough met up with When Polly met Fergie...  Hello meat eaters! You aren’t going to believe this but you have, HAVE, to eat here! We walked into town to visit this new and popular restaurant for the first time on Friday evening at 7.30pm. The location in The Arcade is ideal for this small, niche restaurant. The decor is dark but vibrant and the atmosphere downstairs is ideal as you get the

Museum of the Moon launch

What can I say except... WOW... Vivacity Peterborough have done it again!!! We are SO lucky to have a non-profit organisation like this giving our city plenty to do and see! For this particular exhibition Vivacity Arts is a member of the Without Walls ATN, a group of festivals working together to extend the reach and benefits of the existing Without Walls programme in areas where there is low engagement with the arts. For more

Flying High…

It’s all steam ahead at Nene Valley Railway today as the Flying Scotsman fills up for its first journey from Wansford to Peterborough... Seats A5 and A6 taken on this once of a lifetime chance of riding behind the grand Lady herself. There’s a Scott’s band playing with the bagpipes as a great send off. An area with memorabilia along with a few stalls too. The carriages are old style so you’ll really feel like

UCP Fresher’s Fayre

Today was spent welcoming newcomers to University Centre Peterborough at the Fresher's Fayre. A great activity for any tourism business and getting their deals and offers in front of students just joining for their first year. Some living in Peterborough and others living further afield. Plenty of near and far businesses were on display... so here's to name just a few: Del Monte, Showcase Cinemas Peterborough, Sphere RHSM, Trapp'd Escape Rooms, Honeybuns.co.uk cakes (very yummy),

Stranger things are happening in Peterborough!

There’s ‘Stranger Things’ going on at Hours Escape Rooms on Shrewsbury Avenue!  We spent last night transported to Hawkins, Indiana under an array of coloured lights from the 80s and our aim was to find a rift to the Upside Down... all within 60 mins ! "Your team have been requested by Agent Andrea Owens to investigate the rifts, also known as ‘the upside down’ that have been appearing around Hawkins. Your mission is to try and

Studying Locally

Today, thanks to Radford, I got the chance to take a look around University Centre Peterborough on a private tour (oooh) and showcase what some 200 students will be attending for their studies in a couple of weeks and what future students could look forward to next year. It really doesn't feel like the UCP has been here in existence since 2007, but it has. I was here to look at their lovely building sharing

Embankment Photo Walk

A slow walk along the embankment on a sunny day really does give a sense of peace and quiet, warmth and just a chilled time to while the hours away. Walking past people feeding the ducks and swans, fishing on the side of the River Nene, the different colours of the barges moored and travelling passed. Even going across to the Fletton Quays build to get some lovely shots from there, makes for a nice

Classic & Vintage Cars

It's a lovely warm day today and where better to have a wander around than the embankment at the Peterborough Classic & Vintage Car Festival. It's on today and tomorrow with a host of vehicles and motorcycles to see. I took a quick nosey to see who and what was down there... First call was the Peterborough Visitor Centre where the lovely Tracy was giving out the official brochures (just £1 and the money goes

Hotel Surprise…

It's not very often that many of us go into a hotel to eat, we seem to have this impression that it's 1) not a great place to go, 2) mainly for residents and 3) not too keen on possible hotel food... however, let's see if we can get rid of that myth and enlarge our Peterborough circle of eating places not limiting it to just restaurants. So, we had the opportunity to eat at Holiday

Gin & Rum Anyone?

Are you at the Gin and Rum Festival today which is taking place in the cathedral? I met up with Alice who kindly showed me around before today’s opening and what lot there is to see, or taste should I say! Inside you'll find lots of places to sit once you've got your favourite tipple. When you enter you'll receive a goody bag with rum and gin listings and your FREE souvenir gin glass. There

Healthy lunches on the way

Daniel (owner) and Elisha will be pleased to see you in a new independent food place on Midgate. Green Bay Salads only opened last Thursday ago...they are offering healthy salad food as an alternative to the other food offerings for lunches in Peterborough. Peterborough-born Daniel wanted to be different in his food offerings as he realised that people’s food habits are changing more for the healthy options. Along with this he wanted people to have a CHOICE

Sneek ‘Peake!’

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for their #SoyuzTour has eventually landed at Peterborough Cathedral! ***SPOILER ALERT ***SNEEK ‘PEAKE’ *** I was lucky enough to be given a tour by Liz (who you will see in the astronaut suit later in the photos) and it’s an amazing set up. You have the chance in a 1,000,000 to actually come and see the shuttle from Tim Peake’s landing which is incredible! You get the chance to see how

Being ‘Posh’ at The Posh

So someone said to the non-football fan, "you're going to watch football - have you bumped your head?" well actually that's another story but..... Yes We Love Peterborough are at Peterborough United football friendly today against Bolton.   With some 'extra special' tickets today we were given a stadium tour by the lovely Tommy Robson, a really lovely man, full of the joys and jokes of football and life. An excellent celebrity to be given

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Just tucking into some delightful sandwiches at The Mad Hatters Tea Party Fundraiser this afternoon at the lovely Sibson Inn which has been sponsored by Revamp Limited. There’s a beautifully big marquee here at this country location on The Great North Road...and inside a host of goodies ready to eat. Each table has been beautifully fitted out with a different theme from Alice in Wonderland. There's a host of things going on too to keep

City Market Food & Music Festival

It’s all go at the Peterborough City Market today as they launch their first for Food and Music Festival. Stalls are open now for you to grab a bite to eat or drink, these can range anything from the M&D coffee shop to the City Market Diner to buying some tea from Tasnime from Very Craftea who's trialling out a stall today, to having some wonderful Italian foods from Williams (available Saturdays), they've got mead, homemade foodstuffs, some

Spring has Sprung… In this rain?!?!?

No it's not a great day.. .it's raining yet AGAIN! However, it is great inside today down at Queensgate Shopping Centre where you'll find some great things today about spring... Spring has definitely sprung with their beautiful roses #FlowerWall...a great place for lots of amazing selfies.... but it's about more than flowers today. You can grab some wonderful #FashionAdvice from the lovely Olivia as she shows you spring patterns, colours, makes outfits with a range of

Trying something new…

Tonight we were lucky enough to be invited to try out the Middleton's Steakhouse & Grill's new Spring menu... what a treat! They’ve added some wonderful new things on their menu to suit all tastes including a larger range of vegetarian dishes. Philip served us at a table outside so we could enjoy the warm spring air as it had been such a sunny day. We started with the Chicken Liver Pâté £5.45 (smooth pâté, onion

Those ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’

There’s a bit of musical comedy going on tonight at the The Key Theatre as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels makes its debut. After going to chat with the Peterborough Operatic and Dramatic Society (PODS) performers back in January at their rehearsals, this show has been much anticipated. And it showed in the full audience tonight. It’s a storyline that some of you will know from the 2988 film starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine or, if you’re old enough, maybe

sNOw-Boredom at the Vaults!

After a quiet week staying in to keep warm and out of the -8 wind it was time to venture out engulfed in moon boots, scarves and gloves. We were off for a bit of excitement, namely into the Great Wine Cellar..... We were invited to a banquet being held by 'Thomas Cooke'. No, he's no relation to Thomas Cook, as in holidays, before you start criticising the spelling (as we first thought we might add!),

Out & About – Sunday Travels

It's another Sunday with not a lot to do and for some, it's usually a walk around the town centre with the same-old, same-old. It's time for a change. So, We Love Peterborough decided to take a drive out and see where we could go that wasn't very far but something new to do. We piled into the car and decided to take a drive towards the Deepings umming and ahhing as to whether the Deepings

What an Afternoon Treat!

Wow, what more can I say, than, "That was absolutely delicious!" I've just come back from an afternoon tea treat with my 'DIGESTIVELY-CHALLENGED' family members and it was a complete success. The Great Northern Hotel create afternoon teas like most other hotels do, but before you sign off with no interest, theirs have a BIG difference... GLUTEN-FREE / COELIACS / DIABETICS / MEN please read on... ! Your table awaits in the 1852 Restaurant for

Some ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ are coming…

We attended a practice session tonight for the musical of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels... being played by the Peterborough Operatic and Dramatic Society this March at The Key Theatre. The group has been going since the early 1900s believe it or not and there’s a complete mix of people within their group working full time in the day as they then also give up their spare time to their passion or love of acting, dancing and

A Piece of Art…

So after spotting a post on Facebook this morning I sauntered down to Queensgate (at the entrance to McDonalds) to take a look at the #FAFPTB Free Art Friday Peterborough Galler Pop-Up. I was greeted by the lovely Kaine, who paused for a few moments from writing numbers on stickers, who told me all about what was going on.... Free Art Friday is a concept where #Artists get together and give some of their artwork

Madame Curio’s Cirque Delirium

What a great night we had tonight at Trapp'd. We were invited back to try their second escape game Madame Curio’s Cirque Delirium, and oh my gosh, what a surprise we had in there. People are going missing and you need to work out why. You’ll step back into a fairground-circus theme giving you a fun-filled evening without a doubt. It’s great for all ages and definitely one for the kids. You’ll be game playing, counting,

NVR Christmas Fair

NVR Santa Specials: At Nene Valley Railway they started their Santa Specials this weekend  Get your tickets online, step onboard and have an enjoyable few hours with Father Christmas, mince pies, treats for the kids and wine for you. You might even get a glimpse of Thomas the Tank Engine! ?????This particular departure was the 2:30 out of Wansford on 25th November, were you on it, were you waving??? Christmas Fair: If you’re looking

Oasis Monogramming

You don’t want to miss out on this fabulous offer I came across at Oasis in Queensgate. They have a monogramming machine that can emboss on to their selection of gloves and bags. I asked Chloe all about it: There’s a maximum of 10 letters (usually £5 for the service). Foils are available gold, silver and rose gold as well as embossing with no colour. It can be done on selected lines but the staff

Outlaws of Red Rock – Escape!

Howdy partners... we’ve had an ‘ace-high’ time tonight down at Red Rock and ‘Blazing saddles’ we managed to skedaddle out of there... and we’re feeling rather ‘flush’. What are we jabbering on about? There’s a fabulous new escape room hidden away at the Greyhound stadium at Fengate. There’ll be no ‘namby-pambying’ around and you’ll be dusting the sawdust from your brain with this western themed room. Our team of 4 bandits were digging up all

Chocolate Making & City College

A little while back the City College Peterborough brought out their 2017/2018 catalogue for small courses and the one to catch my eye, obviously, was:  'Sweets & Chocolate Making: Would you like to be able to make your own handmade chocolates, sweets and marzipan fruits? This short course will demonstrate how to make your own sweets and how to box them to give as gifts.' Errr - yes! Even though I've not done a course at

Lightbox Cafe Launch Night

The Lightbox Cafe launch tonight and will be offering a range of sandwiches & baps, tea cakes, homemade cakes, scones, afternoon teas and hot food like jacket potatoes, soup, during the day and turning into a bar in the evening on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Speaking to Eve, the owner, she wanted to create something a little unique and after being away from the Peterborough area, coming back and realising how much it was changing,

Yankee Candles YeeHa!

So I decided to take a walk into town and have a look at the new Yankee Candle Peterborough today which opened on Tuesday. They've got a big store showing their whole range. And if you're in the mood for looking for Christmas They've got all of their Christmas stock on show already in packs, baskets and boxes. It's all new to me, but you'll find candles, home fragrance plug sockets, car air fresheners, the gold collection

Stem Festival 2017

Roll up, Roll up, roll up! For the Peterborough STEM Festival 2017.... at the Allia Business Centre from 9.30am-4pm today - great for children and adults alike. Outside we have Anglian Water sponsor stand explaining about water in the outside of your home... there's a watering game to play, puzzles to crack and the making of clouds. Some good attempts were made at cloud creating - armed with a plastic bottle, hot water and matches! Pop down to see how

Wildwood Meal & Movie Night

We decided to try #SomethingDifferent tonight and booked a couple of seats at Wildwood for their #MealAndMovie night. We dined at 7pm which gave us plenty of time to eat before the film started at 8:45pm. You get a nice 3-course meal of shared starters, a good choice of mains (grills, pizza, pasta dishes) and a dessert. The service was extremely good and our meal came promptly. The cinema comes after your meal...However, tonight was a bit unique as there

Lido Winter Wonderland?

  Our wonderful Lido treats kids and families to so much fun during the summer... but then it closes and sits alone for about 8 months...?. BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS LITTLE IDEA Vivacity Peterborough Culture and Leisure & Peterborough City Council......PLEASE TURN THE LIDO INTO A WINTER WONDERLAND...! Just imagine... - swimming pool turns into ICE SKATING RINK - small pool turns into a sunken SANTA GROTTO - lawn turns into HOT FOOD

Caffe Nostra – New Italian Coffee House in Yaxley

Calling all 'coffee lovers', 'sweet toothers' and wait for it..... diabetics! Why? Well, there's a lovely little gem just opened in Yaxley called Caffe Nostra and it's a new independent small business serving up huge pieces of cake and some are SUGAR-FREE. Lorraine opened just last week in Yaxley centre, helped out by her father Ron. Offering Kimbo coffee you've a choice of Italian hot drinks and teas. Now here's the thing about the cakes

Middleton’s Steak House First Taster

FIRST TASTER! Welcome to Middletons Steakhouse & Grill Peterborough Soft lighting, grey, red and black classic styling, bare brick, laminate wood and black metal give Middletons a modern edge with a warm close feel. Candles lit on the tables for the evening give a somewhat romantic atmosphere with not-overpowering background music. You can just about see into the kitchen where all the chefs are preparing food. The waiting staff are plentiful and attentive. Manager Gary took

Key Feste 2017

It's all happening down on The Embankment this glorious Saturday as Key Feste 2017 opens. They've got a whole lot of shows, acts, games and activities for everyone to do especially the kids. There's the Wacky Races area with space hopper racing, the Elf Hoopla. Learn how to build the biggest sand castle in the sandpit or play snakes and ladders. You can learn about painting in the Graffiti tent as you spray your own

Women Leaders Peterborough

Women Leaders Peterborough is a prestigious awards event that recognises the talents and achievements of women living or working in the Peterborough postcode area.We Love Peterborough's Susan Broccoli is proud and surprised to have been nominated for the 'Community Impact – Voluntary Award'."I created the 'We Love Peterborough' business purely out of the passion for living in and being born in Peterborough. My aim is to get people to appreciate where they live with beautiful photographs

Opening night for Pizza Pots & Pints

Prosecco glasses at the ready... it's the opening night of the Queen's Head - the new Pizza Pots & Pints and we've come away happy and full-bellied. The owners have definitely done a #GreatJob out of changing a town centre listed building into a buzzing, casual pub-dining experience. The features of the old building have been retained with wooden beams, fireplaces and brick and old-tile floors, whilst styling it with a modern feel. There's a couple of



Visit Cadbury World

DISCOVER A WHOLE WORLD OF creamy, rich stickylicious chocolate on a fun and educational visit to Cadbury World in Bournville, home to Cadburys chocolate for over 150 years! Book Cadbury World tickets to enjoy a fantastic day out for chocolate lovers. Tickets from £12.50