Our 2019/2020 campaign #1000Moments is well under way:

#1000Moments #WeLovePeterborough #PeterboroughPresents

Our We Love Peterborough campaign is all about what you love about Peterborough and in conjunction with Peterborough Presents our #1000Moments Campaign has been created- hopefully joined in and saw lots of smiling faces along the way.

At our campaign tent were our Gameshow Hosts ready to test your knowledge of Peterborough,
and were asked about your favourite things, memories or moments in Peterborough.

It was all so much fun – here’s where you found us in 2019…

Bretton Festival – Saturday 6th July | Central Park – Sunday 7th July | Hampton Festival – Saturday 27th July
Millfield Festival – Saturday 3rd August | Itter Park Summer Fun Day – Sunday 4th August
Peterborough Cathedral (Green)- Friday 24th August | Nene Park – Sunday 25th August

“When the sun’s out and everything looks stunning: the flowers, the river embankment, the enticement of the Lido and everyone has a smile on their face – after all, Peterborough is ‘Home’. ” SUSAN

“Queensgate for coffee-Costa for cake on Thursday after school.” FAITH
“The Beer Festival is a nice getaway, is only once a year so is special. More big events please.” WARREN.

“Cycling is good here, especially in Ferry Meadows, gives you transport options and it’s safe on cycleways. “ ANTONIA
“The fishing is the best in the UK, Ferry Meadows and the Nene draws anglers from across the UK – well looked after & cheap.” MARK

“I enjoyed going to the Cathedral looking at the Moon and Tim Peake’s space craft and seeing all the people enjoying the experience.” DEBBIE
“I remember being made Bretton Princess in 1995 and attended the festival along with one of my friends who was also part of the festival.” KELLY

“I love the Cathedral, lighting a candle and making a reflection. It’s really peaceful and calming, it’s in town but away from the commotion.” NICOLA

“Walking around Ferry Meadows, walking the dogs and having bbqs. Bars in the city are getting better I like the Ostrich. Trains to London are good.” JOE

“Every dog walk can be different. So many routes to take and great place to meet up with fellow dog walkers.” FIONA & GILBY (the dog)

“ A magical moment in Peterborough this week was in the cathedral Looking at the Earth and finding Australia where aunt Steffi lives with my grandchildren.” CAROL

“The Woodhammers Arms.” OLIVER

“Ferry Meadows – Really well looked after and maintained. Lovely to visit.” EMMA

“Nene Park sand play area and the steam train.” GORDON

“Nene Park- Open and bbqs . Friendly caravan and camping site.” BAILEY (the dog)

“Flag Fen is historic and amazing when I go there I feel transported back in time.” MIKE

“We do bug hunts at Ferry Meadows, and we loved The teddy bears picnic and the tree climbing.” HELENA

“Willowbrooke Farm Café spent many hours with special people and loved ones.” DAWN

“I like having everything on my doorstep so I can walk into town and not use the Car.” JOHN

“Ferry Meadows has a bit of everything, place for the kids and family, it is calming.” FARHAD

“Tuesday mornings with North Bretton Friendship Group at The Pyramid Centre gets me out the house with friends.” 

“Safari Play near Bretton ice rink. I love to climb to the top of the volcano and the slide, ride down the slide – great value for money for groups of children.” LOLA (7)

“Shakespeare in the Park Mask Theatre – It’s a really relaxed environment to consume Shakespeare.” RODERICK

“We love Peterborough.”

“Short film screenings by Cine-Sister! Interesting topics and stories.” EMILY

“Favourite time: Wednesday morning at 10am – The Community Fridge, Millfield (at Open Door Baptist Church Hall) free food and drink reclaimed from supermarkets – tea and coffee also free.” GILES

“Olive Community Garden is special, it’s where little ones can engage with nature – even eating the worms. Let’s explore.” BERNADETTE

“My favourite place is the regional pool and central library.” ANITA

“The Solstice football big screen has a crowd of people and atmosphere where it is good to watch the game.” BEN

“We love to go to the Key Theatre.” AKIM

“Peterborough Inclusion Group weekly event for LGBTQIA+ from board games to days out – all as one sharing love to all.” BRIAN

“The paddling pool at Central Park, birds & squirrels – we go for the afternoon and have an icecream at the cafe.” GENEVIEVE

“Climb to the top of the Cathedral for a brilliant view.” ANNIE

AOIFE the dog

“I like so much this place. Nature and everything and reminds me of my home in Slovakia.”ANDRES

“We walk every morning at 8am and do the park runs.”

“Sitting in the decking over the rowing lake. It’s like being by the sea. We were here every weekend when our kids were young.” SIYAN & PEZZA

“There’s loads of kind people. I made a friend at the Beaver playground at Ferry Meadows building a den.” OLIVIA

“Lovely countryside near the coast. Lots of things to do, you just have to seek them out.”SYLVIA

“Take a yoga class at Equilibrium, the classes are calming, it is an oasis there – I meet like-minded people.” KATE

“Peterborough Museum – you can see things fro the past, you can go back in time.” CHRISTOPHER

“Playing mixed netball on a Thursday/Sunday nights at Werrington Sports Centre.” CLARE

“Peterborough city centre, there is always something going on. Market, museum, cafe art nights, pop-up events, music at small venues!” TRUDY

“Central Park is very good for walking in the morning and afternoon. There is a coffee shop which is good. I like places that are in walking distance.” REBWAR

“Stanley Rec Rookies is a women’s football team, every Wednesday 6.30pm-7.30pm – you get exercise and make lovely friendships.” ALICE

“We love the Green Backyard, the pond is so peaceful, it had chickens, you can go through the maze.” LORRAINE

“The Showcase Cinema is big, it’s comfortable and recently updated. It makes you want to go again.” SAMANTHA

“At Ferry Meadows you can have a good walk and a picnic.” YANG

“The church BBQ at Ferry Meadows was my first time here, it was great.” DAVID

“We love to go to the cinema.” GHETY

“I love visiting Peterborough because I love to visit the area.” CAROLYN

“We are really looking forward to the Silent Disco under the Earth. The Moon was brilliant.” GLEN

“I love the Turkish Kitchen underneath the Travellodge because their meatballs are great with a nice iced drink.” HANY & ERIK

“The Lido is nice and open, I like swimming there on a hot day, anybody can go there. And the museum is free entry.” OMAR

“I love Evolution Taekwondo in Woodston. it runs 5 times a week and it’s super fun. It’s for adults and children.” KRISTINE

“Orton Weir – walk along the golf course – see the boats and kayaking.” JANET

“Cycling along the river from the Key Theatre to the Dog n Doublet in Whittlesey – it’s flat and you can see the river.” HELEN

“Park Ward is very friendly and you can get great ice cream in the park.” LANGFORD

“I love Central Park because it has 2 playgrounds.” NICOLA (8)

“Central Park is so peaceful, in the middle of houses, roads and people.” HAMIDA

“I love the excitement just before a show at the Key.” KELLY

“Ferry Meadows & Fens dog walks give me peace of mind.” EMILIA

“Peterborough is always underestimated.” TERRY

“Friendly place I like Hampton College. Great place to go to school I’m looking forward to starting there.” YUAN

“Heritage day at cathedral good for kids to see something historical that’s not school.” THE MACMILLAN FAMILY

“Cathedral. Longthorpe Tower. The Parkways & Cycle Paths.” TOZE

“I love Peterborough lived here since 1986. Ferry Meadows is amazing and you can experience the natural environment. Great to bring your visitors and for picnics.” NITA

“My dad was born here. My favourite place is going to see a weasel.” HARRY

“Ferry Meadows on Saturday mornings-park run. Key theatre is good for shows. Love the great Eastern run in October. Lido pool.”  PHIL

“The Cresset has so many happy memories – watching my daughter perform, Sam Bailey, the panto and school memories.” LISA

“The sunset at Ferry Meadows is a perfect evening. Watching the sun go down with family.” BARRY

“Seeing an exhibition like ‘Museum of the Moon’ at the Cathedral that has a special atmosphere.” TRICIA

“I really like the architecture in central Peterborough. I would love to do drawing or painting in a group in the centre.” IRYNA

“Philosophy in the park at the Buttercross, because it is enriching spiritually, gives clarity and helps develop virtues.” ALEX

“I love the lakes in Hampton, Walking around them makes me feel younger.” PRIZADA

“The change at the Showcase Cinema is really nice, comfortable seats and lots of space.” CHRISTINA

“There is everything she needs in Hampton, including lots of parks for the children.” MARITA

“Love the theatres like The Undercroft, that has improvised, different and creative stuff – outside the boundaries.” JANE & REBECCA

“Get excited goig to football matches at London Road, especially when they win.” TEGAN & MARK

“Love geocaching, Cathedral precincts and Ferry Meadows.” FRUMENTY FOLK

“Peterborough Cathedral always looks beautiful no matter what time in the year.” CHRISTOPHER

“Tuesday morning Walking for Health in Hampton – It gets you out and about nd I have learnt a lot about the local area.” RUTH

“In Central Park adults can relax whilst the kids play safely. We go every week from Hampton.” EVA

“As a family we like Kingsgate Church and Ferry Meadows and the football academy.” ADE

“We have our own walks around Yaxley. There are horses and animals to look at.” NERIJUS

“The arcades at Hollywood Bowling and recommends the Greyhound racing.” ZAIN.
“Burghley House is a nice day out and very scenic. The film festival is great.” RAHINA

“We come for the Showcase cinema, we don’t have one in Baston, to see new movies and for the comfortable seats.” MARK

“The Serpentine lake and Hampton Vale are nice to walk around with lots of green. It’s great, lakes and green spaces we have all we need within walking distance.” ROGER

“The Lido is a great place to swim during the summer months. It’s nice warm water and a very relaxing atmosphere.” ALISON

“We have a louder community voice than ever befor and a great protest movement.” PETE

“I like it on a sunny day in the Cathedral Square. Kids squealing and to see all walks of life. Such a good vibe and a beautiful backdrop.” SAMANTHA

“The Lido is for everyone – adults, children, families and teenagers.” ALEXANDRA

“Big Sky is good to wear the kids out. It’s good to heear about We Love Peterborough pages, I will be signing up.” DAVID

“We love to walk from the rowing club to water sports centre. ‘It’s 2 hours. It’s relaxing with nature and like a photo. Children like Bounce and football.” The ALI FAMILY

“Join the conservation volunteers at Nene Park – you meet interesting people, do something different every day and give something back.” PETER

“I like the Hampton shows. The minimual props, the uniqueness and it engages all ages.” CAROLINE

“Club with No Name at The Park – 15 years ago!” VIKKI


Our early gameshow losing team members: “The Fenlanders”

“We love to go to soft play.” BECKY

“Central Park has everything you need. Amazing facilitie.” LORRAINE

“Museum… Too many to mention parks & open spaces… Many music events… City Centre many interesting features. Railworld – trains, wildlife garden. Central Park summer afternoons.” CHRIS

“The Harrier Pub, Gunthorpe, has very nice polite staff, good food, Friday Karaoke and kid’s play area.” ANNMARIE

“Ferry Meadows is a nice place to walk and chill out. I like the fields, especially the evening.” ACDSAI

“We loved having a picnic in the Town Hall for the Big Latch on National Breastfeeding Week. The inside of the Town Hall was beautiful to see.” AMY

“The new Safari Play in Bretton (old Thomas Cook building) has a volcano slide, wo we can be lava!” IAN, FRANKIE, RUFUS

“Ferry Meadows have 20 pokemon stops, rewards activities and shops and we can do it as a family.” MARK

“St Johns Ambulance train you to be a First-Aider so you know wht to do if you see someone hurt.” AMY (11)

“Tallington Lakes is great value, £6 an hour for kayaking. I like jumping in.” DOMINIC

“Chess on the giant board at Itter Park is good. Peterborough Chess Club meets @ Lincoln Road.” FRANCIS

“We love to go to Bretton Park.” LEWIS

“Unity All Stars Gold is a special needs cheerleader group, keeps you active and make new friends – It helps people with sensory needs.” VERITY

“We love to go to Bounce.” TRACY

“Celebrating our 40th wedding anniversay – the John Horrel room at Ferry Meadows with 40 friends and family – really special.” TERESA

“We love to go to Central Park, the paddling pool and sand pit.” STEVEN

“Steven Barber – take son with disability – they are brill and will cut his hair in his wheelchair.” CHLOE

“We love to go to the Brewery Tap.” NICOLA

“The We Love Peterborough Gameshow is fun and chaotic.” BRUCE

“Hills & Hollows! So many hills and you can have fun and slide own – picnic and you can get lost and stay all day.” ILARIA

“Peterborough Museum Victorian operating theatre is live – real life, it tell you how they operated – good and gory.” ELLENA(9)

“Paston/Gunthorpe Community Centre – we walk our dog there. There is a stream running through a small bridge with ducks & herons! There is also a children’s play area. The crows recognise us!” KYM

“The Green Wheel offers a lot of road cycling and take you to places in Peterborough that you wouldn’t know about just in a car.” SARAH

“Athletics track Tuesday eve/Sat morning – killing myself training with the guys at Nene Valley Harriers.” IAN

“The Windmill pub is great for kids and family, in Orton Waterville, you get something to eat and there is somewhere for the kids to play.” BECKY

“Palmy Uke Band (pub) is great fun and entertainment & welcoming to people who want to learn an instrument – we go to lots of different pubs around the city.” JIM

“I love Harvester – it’s really nice food and sometimes it’s just too filling. 🙂 ” KAYLEY

“Pitch and Putt at Ferry Meadows – I can play with my partner and friends – sometimes I even win!”

“Werrington Local History Group meets on the 1st Thursday every month to listen to a selection of speakers o historical (often local) subjects.” BRYNMOR

“Peterborough Beer Festival is a social event, you meet friends you haven’t seen for years – music, food & friends.” ALEX

“St Johns Ambulance train you to be a First-Aider so you know wht to do if you see someone hurt.” AMY (11)

“A-mazing Peterborough Retail Park and some great music.” CELIA

“Peterborough Lido: family fun, exercise and good for you and a good price. Free on the opening day.” BILL

“Ferry Meadows, Nene Way path, early morning watching the world go by, seeing nature and saying hello to friendly fellow walkers – Peterborians naturally!” LINDA

“I love walking in Peterborough.” MIA the dog

“I’m not from Peterborough, however the architecture is beautiful, there is so much to look at. Of all the places he’s been to with the Prosecco and Gin Festival this is one of his favourites!” CALEB

“Ferry Meadows & Orton water – beautiful to walk around the cottages.” DU TOIT FAMILY

“Christmas light switch on last year. Fantastic event. Karen as a child with my father walking towards standground along the river to the boat yard and having a Mr whippy ice cream.” CHARLOT & KAREN

“When it’s Christmas time and the whole city looks amazing. I just love Christmas in Peterborough even though my family is far away.” MONIKA

“Seeing the Ouse Valley Singles Club whilst drinking Baz’s Bonce Blower at the country’s best beer festival (pboro)” EUGENE

”Central Park happy memories, paddling pool and the cafe. Running behind and round the rowing lake.”FIONA

“I love the cathedral. The atmosphere is overwhelming. Wonderful place and I 💖Peterborough in doing a sterling job.” ANNE

“Fish and chip shop – Parrots – the best ever!” SUE

”Everywhere my nephew says, he loves the cathedral gardens and town park.” LIAME

“Peterborough Cathedral. WHSmith -Love stationary. Greggs. Ferry Meadows- can see the nature.” CHARLES, MEGAN & BETHANY

“I love walking through the cathedral grounds as the bells are ringing. I’m so frigging lucky!” DIANNE

“My favourite place is the boat house – you can sit and drink and look at the river at the same time.” JEAN

“We’ve come to the Gin & Prosecco Festival and to see Gaia in the Cathedral.” BERTIE

“I like to meet people from the station and walk them along Cowgate to Catheddral Square. It’s something to be proud of!” ANN

“”I like Bounce as I’m a keen trampoliner. I think it’s fun” JUDE

“At first glance the town looks modern, but as you walk around, you’re in for a treat – a town that has a beautful 900 year old cathedral. Friendly people, ineresting town. the town also offers a popular Lido – would recommend.” JANESSE
“Beer Festival on the embankment” LAWRENCE
“I was surprised to find a Wimpy for a great breakfast. The cathedral and history involved is fascinating.” MICHAEL

“Love the architecture and wide open spaces.” TOM

“Ferry Meadows – the little train & walking around the rivers. The Brewery Tap was my first date with my husband! Burghley House – gardens of surprise is lots of fun for the kids.” CHARLOTTE & FAMILY

“Cathedral cloisters where I studied in peace and quiet while revising for A Levels.” JILLIAN

“Sunday afternoon visit to Ferry Meadows. Sledging down the hill onto the frozen lake in 1982!” RUTH

“Spending time with my friends at King School.” ELIZABETH

“Sitting in the sunshine outsdie the Cathedral, having a cold drink with my partner. ” GEORGIA

Donna & Abi “Cathedral more recently because it’s hosting regular events. Ferry Meadows – safe for the kids – cheap & outdoors.” DONNA & ABI

“We loved the gameshow – Loved the college awards evening 2017.” ERICA

“visiting the Cathedral on a lovely hot summer’s day, the art installation and food market/stalls are also nice to parade around. ” MICHAEL

“Showcase cinema because there’s lots of great movies that are cool.” JOSH
“I love going to the Lido because it’s fun, refreshing and relaxing.”NOAH
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Bishop’s Palace Garden – 20th July 2019.” DOUG
“Beautiful cathedral – lovely lunch in the gardens.” PATRICIA
“Visting Ferry Meadows, sitting at the Boat House in the nice weather and relaxing. ” ASHIA

“The cathedral – amazing – love this place. So pretty and peaceful. Brilliant people from We Love Peterborough.” LISA

“My favourtie time in Peterborough was summer camp at the Key Theatre when I was in school.” KAT

“Ferry Meadows – wide open spaces you can use all year round and feed the ducks.” TRUDY

“Walking & concerts at Ferry Meadow – my favourite.”STEPHANIE

“The Cathedral” BRIAN

“Key Theatre stage performing in Alan Aychbarn’s ‘Roleplay’ with Mask Theatre in 2006” CHRIS

“Lido. Town park. Bretton water park. Ibrahimis at dogsthorpe. Feeding the ducks at Ferry Meadows. “ LEONIE

“Walking around the lakes. Feeding the ducks. Parks. Swimming.” MICHAEL

“shops in town. You can go in the fountains. Waterpark at Bretton.“ JOE & EVIE

Your game show hosts: Kate, Lisa, Becky & Jason!

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