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Our mission is to spread the word of the goings on in Peterborough

Our team has been born in and live in Peterborough. This page is all about sharing what’s going on so you can enjoy where you live more by getting involved in, attending and actually going to events no matter how big or small – to the opening of new shops, the launches of new restaurants, to our massive annual event – the wonderful Heritage Festival through the summertime.

Generally not everyone always knows which events are happening where and when and a lot of the time you hear ‘Oh, I didn’t realise that was on’. So, by having a platform for sharing those events with us, we can share them beforehand for getting the word out, we also try to attend them on the day in order to promote it whilst it’s happening to our fan base.

Hopefully you, our fans, will feel that there’s much more going on around you whether it’s in the week, the weekend or the school holidays especially for kits – you will be able to enjoy some special times whether it’s watching a play in the Cathedral for a play, having a delicious cream tea in a hotel, getting out of the next new escape room or simply a walking around a handicrafts market! And when we hear or see something going on we’ll let you know too – we’ve a camera always ready in hand.

From time to time we will try out new or old restaurants to share how you can expand your food circle and try new things too. Our reviews on restaurants are honest and unbiased from normal Peterboroughian people – by no means food critics. We’re here to share what we think about our city and its chains, independent restaurateurs’ food and service making the city a whole better place to be in, eat in and visit.

We very much welcome anyone to tell us about their events and what’s happening in their local areas. We want your event to be a success and for that you need people to attend. We are not just about the city centre either, although it is the hub of most grander events as a central point, we don’t want to forget the Ortons, the Brettons, Dogsthorpe, Werrington, Paston, Walton, Stanground and those a little further out too which we still feel fall under the Peterborough umbrella like Whittlesey, Elton, the Deepings etc. So, if you live in any of these…

  • Let us know about your coming events

  • Send us  your photos / reviews and knowledge of Peterborough

  • Seen something new, heard something interesting – let us know



Photography, Events & Media

I have a passion for making Peterborough the best it can be for everyone living here. Peterborough has its good points and its bad so it’s all about making the most of what we have in the way of promoting events, sharing the good places, the great food you can eat and unveiling the new.

There’s no biased for who has a listing or event on our website or through our social media. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large event, whether your company is independent or a chain, everyone is equal.

Camera in hand I will attend as many events as possible, so if the camera gets pointed at you… smile!

email me


Website Sponsoring

I’ll be looking after all enquiries for sponsoring the We Love Peterborough brand and website as well as the listings. All listings on the website are created on a basic level as a directory for visitors to gain instant information and ideas of places to go, things to do and for outside visitors to stay.

If you’d prefer your listing to be more detailed than it currently is with photographs or information, you’d like to get listed in a certain section because you are not yet on or if you’d like to sponsor us as Peterborough based company, then drop me a line.



Escape Room Tester & Coffee Guy

Well, I just love to tag along as part of the We Love Peterborough team and enjoy the challenges of getting locked into a room with these two for an hour!

As a team we are up for any challenge no matter how hard… so, give us your best shot! We’ll come along, play the game, take a few photos and give you an honest review.